Mission Statement

Elegance By Alex is a mobile business. I am based in Valencia CA and am willing to travel anywhere and everywhere for the convenience of you! Though I travel to most of my clients, you now also have the option of coming to me. I have created my own studio space to conduct consults, trials, and day of  makeup and light hair. I know weddings aren’t cheap (trust me, I’ve been there!), and my goal in having this space is to try and make this entire process as easy and stress free as possible, while also saving yourselves some money. I offer air brushing, as most of my clients prefer it for the flawless coverage it gives, but I offer traditional liquid foundation as well for the Bride who is on a budget. Although I offer light hair for engagements and special events, I try not to offer it in wedding packages, as I feel my time and attention are better focused on the makeup of the Bride and her Bridal Party. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the resources or assistance to offer both at this time.  Please contact me at your convenience for my rates as well as my contracts.

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